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   Since a very young age I was fascinated by a garage where a tall Welshman with thick grey curly hair and a pair of orange overalls could be found, my grandad, Haydn Thomas. From the huge amount of hair dryers for drying car paint to the seemingly endless amount of jars full of bits. The plot consisted of a small, dark and smokey bungalow, a field and a few coal sheds; this was Kingmor - or grandma and grandad down the lane to my brother and I. Grandad worked on cars for hours, the work was always some what of a mystery to infant me and my brother; regardless we would ‘help’ with anything grandad could involves us with. As soon as we were old enough to grasp a hand tool, grandad made sure we did. Together the three of us made a wooden go kart - the Gambo. Consisting of a 2” x 4”, wheels from a pram, a piece of rope, plastic seat and a Rover badge with a 2 penny nail driven through the center. This build and a small boat with washers for portholes and golf teas on the top is what I credit for starting my passion for making and problem solving - especially in wood.






Harry T Morris - Furniture Maker

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